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MIS Systems Corp announces the availability of the latest RAD client server tool for the AS/400

Nashville, TN Jan 15-- MIS Systems Corp & Aura announced today the availability of the latest product in the Client/Server arena ACE/400Ô for AS400. This is the most advanced Client/Server tool that integrates AS/400 with Visual Basic and uses native commands and record level access. It gives the Visual Basic developers seamless access to the AS/400 platform. It shields them from the complexity of coding advanced APIs to access AS/400 data, and brings rapid application development to the VB AS/400 developer community.

"Watch out, ACE/400Ô is the most advanced Visual Basic AS/400 middleware solution to date"

The VP of Aura, Sylvain Rubele has compiled in the Easycom engine used by ACE/400 a product with a sophisticated and complete ClientServer solution for the AS/400. It is based on a proven technology that was integrated in many products worldwide.

 MIS Systems has acquired a reputation for state of the art software solutions for the AS400, and as the first Borland International Value added Partner/400, we kept our customers on the cutting edge of technological advancements. Well known for the introduction of Record Level access to the AS/400 for Delphi, in January of 1996, has finally decided to start offering a VB solution for the AS/400 community.


Advanced Client Easycom/400 Product Specification

 ACE/400Ô is a tool used to develop Client Server Applications for the AS/400. By minimizing the necessary program coding, and providing native access to all AS/400 objects, from data files to communicating with pre-existing Cl, RPG, or Cobol programs over any communication protocol including TCP/IP. ACE/400Ô makes the promise of record level access and rapid application development a lightning reality.

 ACE/400Ô gives the VB Client Server Solution for the AS/400 a new meaning. It eliminates the need for ODBC by giving direct access to the source, and simplify the development by providing AS/400 oriented components to the Client Server developer.

MIS Systems is offering a tool that makes the migration to ClientServer implementation a viable solution that does not cost you an exorbitant price. The complete ACE/400Ô software package is available to download from the MIS Systems Web site.

MIS Systems was founded in 1993. It develops, sales, and supports information systems solutions for the AS/400 Community. Strong by a network of over 500 user sites worldwide. MIS Systems is headquartered in Nashville, TN.

Aura Equipment was founded in 1986. It develops system solutions for the AS/400 community. A network of over 6500 user sites strong worldwide, Easycom is the most integrated Client/Server Technology in the AS/400 world. Aura Equipment is headquartered in France and supports the product in Europe.



ACE/400 is so simple it has a lightning speed


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