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OutQ Manager is a tool designed to download spool files from AS/400 outqueues and save them on a PC either on a hard drive, on a CD-ROM, or any tape backup system. Further, the spool file can be edited on the PC side and saved as a new copy of the original. So in essence is a way for an enduser to move the contents of any outqueue to any PC media automatically without having to use save file tranfer, and other complicated AS/400 features.
The program is designed to connect to the AS/400 and automatically present all outqueues in the AS/400. It can then either download the whole outqueue or just a single spooled file. The program then displays the spooled file to check to see if it is satisfactory to the user's requirements
On the PC side, the user sees the files that have been downloaded from the AS/400. The user may edit, mask, or turn the files into a database files. The user then can download any file to the AS/400, whether he received it from the AS/400 or not. Best of all, OutQ is free with any version of ACE/400, which can be downloaded here.