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AS/400 Intermediate Course Outline


An intensive five day intermediate level course in using ACE/400 for Delphi with a substantial hands-on component. Intended for procedural language programmer who want much more than an introductory level course in Client Server Application Development for the AS/400. Using an example based approach, we review the object-oriented paradigm, the notion of polymorphism, inheritance, object, class, and its application to Delphi and ACE/400. Case study to illustrate the power and the flexibility provided by the object oriented approach is analyzed .

Attendees will leave the course with a good grasp of Delphi and ACE/400 programming fundamentals, an object-oriented approach, and an understanding of how they might use ACE/400 and Delphi as a development tool.


At the completion of the course, attendees will have completed:
The implementation of Delphi and ACE/400
Developed a few cases studies
Understand the different aspects of the model
Develop fast prototypes
Implement a complete sample with a rollout to users

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for experienced programmers, software engineers, and project managers who want a fast paced introduction to ACE/400 and Delphi together with an exposure to some of its more advanced features. Attendees are assumed to be knowledgeable of at least one procedural programming language.


day1 Fundamental Delphi and ACE/400 and object concepts
Course objectives
Overview of major Object Oriented concepts
Present the current work environment and library structure.
Tune Up installation, setup PC, present tools available. (Morning)
Concept of Client Server Solutions, and how does data flow. Samples and examples.
Tour of the Delphi and ACE/400 Desktops.
Case Study Update an AS/400 file
day2 The Basic Class library
Presentation of all aspects of the solution Delphi and ACE/400.
OO Concepts : polymorphism, inheritance
Delphi Syntax, and AS400 commands.
Implement a case study Master/ Detail concept with AS400 data
day3 Building an AS/400 Client Server Project.
Using experts and templates
Exploring datasource and dataset
Exploring the VCL.
Design Aid and event handler.
Using the Object Inspector.
Case Study Implement a cross platform data access
day4 Deploy a PC-based Application. Fine Tuning an application.
Support sites and areas
Controlling the environment
AS400 concepts and how they apply to ACE/400 and Delphi

Component creation
Summary session and complete applications
Case Study (relevant to business)

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