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Your Experts in AS/400 Technology

MIS Systems Corporation was founded in 1991 by Al Malek as a software development venture. MIS is a leading developer in software, ranging from simple applications to applications for the AS/400 community. MIS Systems is headquartered in Nashville, TN. We can provide you with the leading edge Iseries Technology requested by your clients. We develop creative solutions that late-breaking technology your special business needs.

 MIS Systems Corporation brings you Nutriscribe. A Quality healthcare patient monitoring; used to insure that that the nutrition and care follow up meets the guidelines set by physician, dietician, and nutritionist a like.  A byproduct of that effort was a billing integration module that was used by companies like Beverly Enterprises, Pharmerica, PMSI to integrate the data from the PC application into the daily billing in the AS/400.

MIS Systems Corporation brings you ACE/400.  (See our press release)  This is the most advanced Client/Server tool that integrates AS/400 with Delphi, Visual Basic and uses native commands and record level access. It gives the  developers seamless access to the AS/400 platform. It shields them from the complexity of coding advanced APIs to access AS/400 data, and brings rapid application development to the VB AS/400 developer community.

MIS Systems Corporation brings you FileManager/400. Grouped under topic is a set of tools under development directed toward making a graphical user interface that simplifies the access to AS/400 objects, and automates the transfer of data between  PC and the AS/400 platform, while using a foalder analogy to gropu the data in both platforms.

 . We here at MIS realize the importance of providing a customer oriented environment. Our commitment to you is that our staff will provide you with the best service possible, with the technical expertise and knowledge you need. We provide you with state of the art solutions, our Iserie expertise, and our technical support.